This is a highly individualised experience. It is created for women who either desire to create a service based business or wish to scale their existing business. My requirements are that you believe in your capabilities, your ideas and vision n your business.
It is also important to me that you are willing to dive right in. You bring questions and topics to the calls, you know what you want, you are driven and curious, and willing to learn. The women I work with, know they’re destined for impact, influence and massive success, and they see me as the coach that they’re aligned with and can help them expedite that timeline.
The intention is not in “hard and fast” results although that can (and does) happen. The intention is about compounding your success and influence from a heart centred, soul-led place, in a way that honours your nervous system, personal values, energy and your souls blueprint..
My coaching is a deeply energetic and spiritual experience. This is not a solely strategy and mindset based experience. I have experienced six figure months through embodiment of my energetic blueprint and letting that permeate through my business model. I have helped others to do the same.
This is an experience where you must be willing to come in, be courageous, present and ready to expand. Coaching is supported by my own cosmic connection and you can gain very deep and life changing perspectives if you are willing to open up and lead yourself. You can refer to my “Wins” highlight reel on Instagram to see the results myself and my clients experience.

Energetic Alignment

Expanding Your Abundance Consciousness

Stepping into High Integrity Leadership

Embodiment Work To Become A High Level, Abundant Leader

Expanding Your Capacity to Receive

Structuring Your Business for time freedom, spaciousness and ease,

Aligning you with 20+ Minimum Income Months

Heart Expansion, Feminine/Masculine Balance, Refining Intuition 

Increasing Your Standards,

Receiving support and direction for you, through your own cosmic channel (your guides, Higher Self)

Are you ready to transform?

If I am the coach for you and you are serious about private coaching together, please reach out below so we can talk further.

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