Hey! I’m Jasmine.. I’m a Spiritual activation and Intuitive Business Coach for Women 

I have coached women in Spiritual Activation for years (even before I put a name to what I do). More recently, I have broadened my energetic teachings to empower women by activating their spiritual gifts and their abundance channels, helping them increase their wealth blueprint and teaching the fundamentals of the Divine Masculine and feminine energies.

I can hear, see, and feel through heightened senses, which are both natural to me and some I have developed and fine-tuned over time through many experiences working with other people and their loved ones and Spirit Guides.

For at least five years before that, I conducted one-on-one readings all across New Zealand, group workshops and Mediumship events (which I still do occasionally). I now spend most of my time with women in small groups and on a 1:1 level with coaching.

My purpose in the world is to channel the teachings of Spirit through to soulful, driven and passionate women helping them to awaken their feminine power and abundance with ease and supporting them to step confidently into the world with thriving businesses and relationships.

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